Christie Megill


Christie Megill is a middle grade writer from New England. Her life has always revolved around books and stories. She studied English Literature at Fordham University, worked as a bookseller at Borders, was an editorial assistant at an academic press in New York City, became an early elementary school teacher, and recently returned to the professional side of publishing through an internship with Writers House in Manhattan. Christie writes books for kids while homeschooling her children and raising them as readers.

When she isn’t writing, she spends her time baking butter-laden desserts, hiking through the woods, and practicing her tree pose with the forest fairies.​

SCBWI Member and Author Mentor Match mentee

Facts About Christie

  1. Christie once lived down the street from a chocolate factory. She has also lived on an island, on a farm, and is planning to someday dwell in a tree house.
  2. She owns a copy of every Baby-Sitter’s Club paperback book.
  3. Cats are her favorite animal.
  4. Cross-country running was her high school sport.
  5. In middle school, she collected cookie cutters, Breyer horses, and quotes from scary movies.
  6. Christie still has her middle school diaries and occasionally, she re-reads them.

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